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 You can support IMANI in various ways: By joining the IMANI Club or donating directly to the think tank. In either way your donations will still be used to fund the organization’s activities.

 As you may be aware IMANI is a not-for- profit organization, and our funding is only by the support of persons and organizations who appreciate our work – like you.


 Through effective communication skills and the ability to work with public-spirited media and civil society, we are shaping national, regional and global agenda in order to close the “citizen participation gap” in the governance process. Our work has earned us the distinction of being voted the 6th most effective Think Tank in Africa and among the twenty most innovative think tanks globally by the University of Pennsylvania, the UN University and Foreign Policy Magazine.

  • IMANI was ranked 5th most influential think in Africa (2010) by Foreign Policy Magazine.
  • In 2013, IMANI was ranked 4th best think tank in Africa by the University of Pennsylvania.
  • In 2014, IMANI is ranked the second most influential think tank in Africa by the University of Pennsylvania. 
  • We are the number one policy think tank in Ghana by impact and by rankings.

IMANI’s works have been cited and used by international organizations like the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The British House of Common Debates and worldwide respected media outlets like the Africa Report (France), Jeune Afrique (France), BBC (UK), Daily Graphic (Ghana), Fraternite Matin (Cote d’Ivoire), Contrepoints (France), Agence A Free Press (Togo) among others.

 IMANI has grown, within a short time of its existence, to become a stalwart for encouraging reality-based solutions to a complex array of economic and social problems in and beyond Ghana –  Ishac Diwan, Former World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Sierra Leone, Africa Region.

We have over 50 media partners across Africa that help us strengthen and influence public debates.


Unlike, many other research institutes that limit themselves to just a single policy area IMANI is a multi-disciplinary platform.

We know the behavior of governments and understand the language they speak.

 So sponsorship or donation is one way you can defend, in a concrete way, our heritage to facilitate broad prosperity based on freedom, open markets, critical enquiry and an efficient and accountable public service.

 When you support or join  IMANI you are not just a contributor, you are a colleague – you become part of a decision making body of this country – you join the club thinkers  changing the face of Africa.

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If you wish to support or get involved in a particular programme or project IMANI is running, see below for more information.


IMANI Francophone is an IMANI Project seeking to incorporate Francophone Africa into debates of liberty, peace and prosperity. IMANI Francophone contributes to the development process of Francophone Africa by re-enforcing the work of Civil Society organizations in the various Francophone West African Countries (Benin, Togo, Burkina-Faso etc..)  Learn more .


SYPALA is an IMANI initiative that trains on a yearly basis African young professionals and Students drawn from all parts of Africa – enkindling in these bright young minds a strong desire to become champions of liberty, proponents of the prosperity borne by strong markets and human rights, and principled advocates for the rule of law and institutional growth in Africa.  Learn more .


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